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Family Time

Being There

"Exist in photographs for the people that love you, trust me. Exist in photographs for your children, for yourself."

- Sue Bryce

While there may never be the perfect time to have family photos done, whether there's a missing tooth, or showing roots - just be. Have a weekend morning session so you can record breakfast and "Sunday Best" before heading out.

Memories That Last

Everyone has a camera in their pocket these days, and it's awesome to have the ability to scroll through countless images on your phone but I can't stress prints enough. Have tangible, real photographs made. If you print them in an album, or change the photo on your mantel yearly, nothing feels better than walking by those smiling faces without having to open an app first.

Full Session

This session is for big moments and big ideas - is your baby turning one? Are you having a family picnic for the first time in 5 years? Do you want to shoot your Holiday Card in a hot air balloon? This is the session for you.

I love working with people to create the images you've been dreaming of. With a little time and imagination we can make more than just a snapshot.

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Mini Session

This is a focused session - if you want to achieve one specific goal this is the 30 minutes you need to get that "holy grail" photo of everyone looking and in the same frame. 

This is not to say we can't be creative, or expect variety, it's just limited in what we can accomplish. This is the perfect session for announcements ("we got a puppy!") milestones ("our puppy is cute and little!") and general updates ("we moved so our puppy can have a yard!")

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