Photography by Christine Semmler

Candid Photos

On Purpose

Express yourself, be you. I am driven to freeze those fun, natural moments that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

You won't have to worry about what you do with your hands when you're with me! The angst that come along with being in front of the camera will be forgotten with just a few pointers, and more than a few bad jokes. We'll have a good time.

Real Emotions

Real Colors

Each event is different. I aim to show you the story as it unfolds. Whether we're celebrating your engagement, your graduation, or your wedding, I'm going to photograph the moments as they happen, no need for filters.

Life is Beautiful.

Lens Side Experience

"OMG I am so overwhelmed! The colors, the details, everything!! I can't believe you got so many shots, and so many "real" moments captured!!! These are absolutely amazing!!"

"Thank you, thank you for everything! You made our day absolutely perfect!"

"You were one of the most important pieces of the day, allowing us to capture the moments we will never forget!"