A Very Important Day

The couple was beginning to get very tired of sitting by themselves on the bank… Well that was my attempt at plagiarizing Lewis Carrol for this awesome wedding’s blog. Alice in Wonderland is a magical theme for anything. Very rarely do I get to have the stark contrast of black table cloths and brightly colored centerpieces at a wedding. I knew it was going to to be a great day because of several factors, do you remember Sarah and Charles’ engagement session?  It was fabulous. I was certain I was walking into a day where the couple was going to be game for whatever I threw at them. 

The wedding was located in Frankenmuth Michigan, a cute little German-themed tourist town that happens to be home to “World’s Largest Christmas Store” to which my bride appealed for portrait time. Oh my goodness, I love Christmas and was so happy to be there in the middle of October - I was sad to leave. It’s ok, we left a couple of secrets with our bear friend to head off to the Frankenmuth Brewery for the reception.

Black Tie Productions was keeping the guests busy prior to our arrival, and the party starting. The delicious food, and amazing beer was well received but everyone was anxious for dance floor access. The party really started once the music turned up and everyone forgot about me!  I told Sarah I had so much fun, we should do it again. She agreed, more on that later!