Eastern Market Primary Family Fun

Fall in Michigan can certainly beautiful, but it is definitely unpredictable. Sometimes sessions get scheduled for the convenience of breaks in everyone’s calendars, gaps between sporting events, and time for when everyone is going to be awake and happy! That doesn’t always coincide with beautiful Michigan foliage.

Never fear, an alternative is near! After a couple of back and forths between Mom and I, the decision to go to Eastern Market and do a mural session was a natural decision.

It certainly was a crazy fast 40 minutes with so much variety it was head spinning!

See you later Eastern Market, that was fun!

He’ll only be 5 once!

First shot of the session! One and done!

Corners - how fun!

Just one more, before we get to be silly!

One with just mom and dad, because mom and dad love this.

Just a pre-posed candid! So fun.