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Visual Folklore Wedding

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Why Visual Folklore

Whether you want to elope at a National Park, or have a 400 guest wedding on an iceberg,  Visual Folklore can offer you the coverage you need. All you have to do is have the desire to make time to love your photography experience!!

One of the biggest compliments I receive at the end of the day is "you made it so easy to be in front of the camera!" My goal is to make the day run smooth and actually be FUN! I want you to be part of your party!

I also make it a priority to be in your corner from the moment you sign on all the way through album delivery. I have a TON of wedding industry contacts and can help you find the best team to make your dream come true!

One Shooter: Total Control

I spent years working with teams of talent that I loved so much, but as I climbed the ranks and grew in experience I learned that shooting solo worked best for me.

"...But more cameras means more angles!" While true, it also means more confusion during direction, and less control over the total package. I want the images of your spouse to be the same as the ones taken of you in the prep portion of the day.  I want everyone to know who to listen to when it's time to roll on 15 minutes of SUPER EFFICIENT bridal party photos. (If you've been in a wedding before you know how those can drag on!!)

I have the BEST associates and photo friends if you want to add someone on though - if you need that second angle during church let me know and I'll call in a ringer!


Ask your parents, and recently married friends about their wedding videos! I love a great party video as much as the next guy but I seem to attract clients who are more interested in photographs. If you do hire a videographer please hire one that I recommend! This goes back to having creative control over the day and keeping it light and fun! Plus, we won't have to worry about someone walking in front of your first kiss photos!

Inquire Today

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