Summer Vibes in March

Hooo boy. If 2024 is going to start out with Lainey as a bride the bar is being set very high. 1.) Not only did she forgive me for being late to the final prep call, 2.) she let me cook an entire dinner while we were ON that call. We laughed, we agreed, it was awesome - and the noodles were good too.

Waldenwoods is one of those venues that puts me in the best creative mood. I think it hearkens to my love of Dirty Dancing, and I just imagine the stories of the kids who went to summer camp there. (If YOU know the actual history of Waldenwoods don't ruin this for me, it was a summer camp for rich kids and so much drama happened!!)

Happily Lainey Lane and Holden just let me do what I wanted within the limits of solo coverage, and it was just an awesome start to the wedding year. I am so grateful for couples that let me explore their relationship through different types of photos.